The Hercules mattress is not only made to sleep on, but to make you dream.
5 Zone Pocket Springs 10cm 290/m2 – Micro Pocket 5cm 500/m2 – Foam 5000 2cm – Horse Hair – Foam 2200 2X2cm – Latex 2X2cm – Solotex – Camel Hair-Merinos Wool on Winter side – Linen-Silk on Summer side

MATTRESS TICKING : Thermoregulating to room Temperature – Assuring a 28°C – 32°C comfort zone through Phase Change Material – Microcapsule Technology – Antibacterial – Antistatic – High quality sleep – Washing resistant.

Mattress Height: 37cm

Comfort Level: Medium or Firm
Model Type: One Unit or Twin Zip