The overall composition of Beirut splendor and rustic down-to-earth ness did make this bed so extraordinary, almost a work of art! Our goal to combine the reciprocity of synthesis two design elements, splendor, and down-to-earth ness. 

Made by hand can be executed in any color, fabric quality and dimensions.

✔️ Fully Custom Made
✔️ Storage Available upon request

Dimensions (approx. In cm)
Lying Area 140x200, 160x200, 180x200
Headboard height: 140 cm
Seat height: 72 cm
Height box: 30 cm
Height feet: 5 cm

Το πιο πάνω μοντέλο μπορεί να γίνει ειδική κατασκευή σε οποιοδήποτε μέγεθος και χρωματισμό.