With its multiple squared, the upholstered Madrid headboard is a classic and traditional headboard for your bed. Choose from a wide variety and luxury fabrics in any color to match with your base divan for that final finishing touch of your bedroom.

✔ Handmade in CY
✔ Luxurious fabrics
✔ Leg Selection
✔ Storage Available upon request
✔ Drawers Available upon request
✔ Available XL Version

Dimensions (approx. In cm)
Lying Area custom
Headboard Height: 160 cm or custom
Seat height: custom
Height box: custom
Height feet: custom



Το πιο πάνω μοντέλο μπορεί να γίνει ειδική κατασκευή σε οποιοδήποτε μέγεθος και χρωματισμό.




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